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The award winning Kalettes®

The product of 15 years of hard work and dedication (using traditional breeding techniques!) from the British vegetable seed house Tozer Seeds.

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5th December 2017

Kalettes® ran first-ever pop up store for fresh vegetables in London

The shop took centre stage in trendy Hoxton from Thursday 30th November until Sunday 3rd December. London, 5 December. Kalettes®, a natural cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, just closed a pop-up shop which brought the brand to life during the past week at Hoxton’s Railway Arch, Geffrye Street, London. The store was inaugurated with... View Article

3rd December 2017

Kalettes® History Video

Don’t you know who created Kalettes®? Do you want to know how and where they were created? Know the whole story in this video.

24th November 2017

Why you’ll be eating Kalettes® this Christmas

Kalettes® are gaining popularity with foodies and trendsetters, and will be the first vegetable with its own pop-up store in Central London before Christmas, with all profits raised going to a charity helping people in need.  Kalettes®, the new British superfood that’s a natural cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, is being harvested just in... View Article

1st March 2017

How to grow your own Kalettes® in your urban garden

Now you’ve tried Kalettes® , the natural hybrid between Brussels sprouts and kale, you’re bound to have fallen in love with their flavour and versatility. But the season of the vegetable of the moment is coming to an end in just a few weeks, and you’ll need to wait until November to bring their characteristic flavour back to... View Article

19th January 2017

Kalettes®, the superfood to watch out for in 2017

Every January new culinary trends appear, many of them linked to resolutions for following a healthier lifestyle. This time, experts from The Times, BBC Good Food and the Food and Travel Magazine, all agree in highlighting Kalettes®, the natural hybrid between Brussel sprouts and kale, as the fashionable vegetable for 2017. Great nutritional contribution in... View Article

26th October 2016

British growers forecast a promising season for Kalettes®

“We are very excited about this season with our Kalettes® production only two weeks away from harvest. We have been growing and developing this crop in collaboration with Tozer Seeds for three years and have been immensely encouraged by consumer interest and uplift of the product under its previous name: Flower Sprout®”

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6th October 2015

How to Sow Kalettes® (Vegetables) | MINI-GROWING GUIDES

7th August 2015

Growing Kalettes® – How to transplant