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The award winning Kalettes®

The product of 15 years of hard work and dedication (using traditional breeding techniques!) from the British vegetable seed house Tozer Seeds.

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26th October 2016

British growers forecast a promising season for Kalettes®

“We are very excited about this season with our Kalettes® production only two weeks away from harvest. We have been growing and developing this crop in collaboration with Tozer Seeds for three years and have been immensely encouraged by consumer interest and uplift of the product under its previous name: Flower Sprout®”

24th August 2016

Kalettes® shows off its fabulous flavour with original recipes for everybody

Having been recently introduced in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, in addition to the UK where the vegetable is already a consolidated success, Kalettes® is now sharing a series of recipes on its website to encourage European families to explore its many culinary possibilities. Versatile, nutritious and full of flavour, this new vegetable, which looks like a tiny cabbage with green frilly leaves and streaks of purple, offers consumers an easy way to follow a healthy lifestyle while keeping things simple in the kitchen; in other words, experiencing ‘life in full bloom’!

17th September 2015

Kalettes®, the new vegetable conquering European kitchens

Healthy, versatile, full of taste and incredibly innovative are some of the adjectives used by chefs and nutritionists to describe Kalettes®, the new vegetable that plans to take the fresh food aisles of European supermarkets by storm this Autumn 2015.

11th February 2015

Kalettes® launches new marketing campaign to raise awareness across Europe

Tozer Seeds’ flagship product, Kalettes®, was presented to international specialized media during a working lunch held by the British seed company at trade show FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015. Journalists from all over the world had the opportunity to taste and discover the features that make Kalettes® a truly unique vegetable.

14th January 2015

Kalettes® will be available in many European countries in 2015

We are delighted to announce that the flagship product kalettes®, the new ‘superfood’ created by crossing Brussels sprouts and kale, will be available in various European countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands from early 2015. These countries join the UK, where kalettes® has been available since 2010 in three different stores – Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Asda. The goal is to make it available across the whole of Europe so that every family can enjoy its unique qualities.

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