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Freezing fresh Kalettes®

March 15, 2018 10:16 am

Yes, Kalettes® can be frozen without losing one iota of their nutritional properties. Apart from the health aspect, this option is also extremely practical and lets you enjoy your favourite vegetable whenever you want. To guarantee their storage in the optimum condition, it is essential to wash and dry the Kalettes® thoroughly before freezing. This saves time and you can portion out the amounts you want to cook as and when you need them.

Another advantage, and a very appealing characteristic, of frozen Kalettes® is their colour. The washing and freezing process ‘sets’ the colour pigments, which explains why the beautiful green and purple tones of Kalettes®, which look so eye-catching on the plate, are retained and even enhanced when frozen. Try it out for yourself!

What you should bear in mind when it comes to cooking frozen Kalettes® is the following practical advice to maintain all their freshness and flavour.

The most important thing is something we all know: don’t break the cold chain. They must be kept completely frozen until you use them, and should not be re-frozen once they have been defrosted.

Unless you are going to sauté them, you should defrost the Kalettes® before cooking. The easiest way is to open the freezer bag, take out what you need and put them in a microwave-proof bowl before zapping at a power no higher than 300W. While they are defrosting in the microwave, we recommend you open it every 5 minutes to move the vegetables around so the heat reaches every area evenly. Keep checking to make sure the Kalettes® don’t start cooking, so if you’re busy doing other things use a timer so you don’t overdo them.

Once defrosted, there’s just one more step before cooking them: if they have released a lot of water, you should drain them in a colander or squeeze out the excess liquid with your hands.

And that’s all: they’re now ready to cook and enjoy!