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Kalettes® launches new marketing campaign to raise awareness across Europe

February 11, 2015 2:39 pm

Tozer Seeds’ flagship product, Kalettes®, was presented to international specialized media during a working lunch held by the British seed company at trade show FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015. Journalists from all over the world had the opportunity to taste and discover the features that make Kalettes® a truly unique vegetable.
Having been available in the UK, and also for the first time in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands, Kalettes® is involved in a pan-European marketing campaign that got kick-started with the presentation of its new creative concept: “Life in full bloom”.

Based on its four product strengths: versatility, healthiness, sparkling flavour and ease of cooking; the campaign goal is to communicate that Flower Sprout® is not just a brand new vegetable with great pros but also a product that makes consumers feel good while enjoying everyday life. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, Kalettes® can be steamed, stir-fried, roasted, microwaved or boiled in an easy and simple way, making it a perfect vegetable to include as part of a balance diet at modern homes.

To raise awareness in markets where Kalettes® wants to be established in the short term, the brand will implement a wide array of activities aiming at both retailers and consumers. These activities, including a permanent press office and new promotional materials, amongst others, will be intensified from September onwards, when a new season of the unique vegetable starts. All to guarantee a prosperous future to Kalettes®, which production stands nowadays around 250 tonnes. Kalettes® has already crossed the Atlantic and landed in the U.S under the name Kalettes®.

David Rogers, UK Sales Director at Tozer Seeds, explained in his presentation to the media how the company feels in relation to the product: “Completely new and unique, Kalettes® is the result of 15 years of work. When we started working on it we saw an enormous potential so we kept working until finally in 2010 we introduced the product at Marks & Spencer”. “Moreover, to be awarded with the 3rd prize of the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award meant a lot to us due to the interest that generated between the media”, added Rogers.

Creation process

Kalettes® is the result of 15 years of hard work and dedication (using traditional breeding techniques) from the British vegetable seed house Tozer Seeds. Kalettes® is a non-GMO vegetable developed through traditional hybridization and not genetic modification. Crossing kale with Brussels sprouts was a natural fit since they are both from the Brassica Oleracea species which also includes cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli so the result of this new vegetable is a tiny cabbage with green frilly leaves and streaks of purple.

Being a true seasonal vegetable, Kalettes® can’t be grown in summer being available at stores from November until March.