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Kalettes® shows off its fabulous flavour with original recipes for everybody

August 24, 2016 2:36 pm

Having been recently introduced in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, in addition to the UK where the vegetable is already a consolidated success, Kalettes® is now sharing a series of recipes on its website to encourage European families to explore its many culinary possibilities. Versatile, nutritious and full of flavour, this new vegetable, which looks like a tiny cabbage with green frilly leaves and streaks of purple, offers consumers an easy way to follow a healthy lifestyle while keeping things simple in the kitchen; in other words, experiencing ‘life in full bloom’!

Kalettes® is a cross between what are considered by many as two ‘Superfoods’: Brussels sprouts and British kale. The new vegetable has fantastic health-giving properties with its high vitamin and mineral content, making it a particularly beneficial food.

Created from the desire to produce a Brussels sprout with a more subtle flavour in the form of a great-looking, versatile ingredient, Kalettes® features a unique fusion of fresh, nutty flavours which makes it a hit with both adults and children. It can be eaten sautéed, roasted, grilled or even raw, so it’s really easy to cook. Consumers can now explore its different possibilities on www.kalettes.com/uk